Noun  |  tra-di-tion  |  \ trə-ˈdi-shən \
Transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation.

The Old Collegians' Association Bursary

Our Old Collegians’ Association (OCA) is all about preserving College friendships and networks. Chris Hartley (OB ’99), OCA President, believes the OCA Bursary…"is all about rallying around mates and was intended to support sons of Old Boys who might experience financial difficulty when sending their son to BBC". The OCA knows the Green, White and Black tradition must remain strong – generation to generation, so created a bursary to give BBC brothers assistance for what matters most – their son’s education. The association looks to foster lasting connections, grow each other’s networks and continue strong traditions spanning generations. Our Old Boys are always here to look after each other.

Cameron (OB ‘02) heard firsthand what to expect from a BBC education. “All my life, my dad always talked about BBC and all my dad’s friends went to BBC. For me, it’s been the biggest highlight of my life. I believe it is so important for all BBC Old Boys to help each other out, whether that be through networking, professional development, mentoring or donating to the College.

If you are an Old Boy needing support, I would encourage you to reach out and apply for a bursary. If you are in a position to help, I think it falls on all of us to donate to the bursary, however much we can, because every bit makes a difference”.

We're all in this together

(Old Boy '02)

What is the Old Collegians’ Association?

Founded in the early days of BBC, the Old Collegians' Association is designed to establish a strong fellowship between Old Boys and the College, to ensure traditions are maintained and to provide networking opportunities for members. Read More

Why was the OCA Bursary created?

The OCA wanted to send the clear message that it was vital that the traditions of the Green, White and Black remain strong through generation to generation. Read More

How can I make a gift to the OCA Bursary?

Anyone can donate to the OCA Bursary at any time. Your gift of education is tax deductible* and can be made online, by direct deposit or by cheque. Contact the Development Office at BBC for further information

How can I apply for the OCA Bursary?

The application process is easy and remains confidential. Apply for the OCA Bursary here. All Bursary applications, acceptance and offers remain confidential at BBC. Our bursary recipients and families represented in our Annual Appeal have graciously allowed us to tell their stories to promote the benefits of giving the gift of education.*The BBC Foundation Ltd is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and donations greater than $2 may be tax deductible for anyone subject to Australian Taxation Law.