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The Indigenous Bursary

BBC's Indigenous Program works to close the gap by providing pathways for young Indigenous Australians to obtain a quality education. We aim to create lifelong sustainable change for our Indigenous students and their communities.The reluctance of Indigenous students to leave their home town is due to a lack of financial and emotional support in the cities.(1) At BBC, a  team of professionals are on hand to ensure a smooth transition and to provide specialised support. Our program incorporates multi-layered mechanisms to assist with each boy’s transition and to encourage optimum student and community engagement. We promote an awareness of Indigenous culture and facilitate leadership development for students. All BBC boys are actively involved in increasing awareness and appreciation for Indigenous Australians and recognise the differing circumstances of all our students.

Josh (OB ’13) saw coming to BBC as a fresh start, and even though he knew no one at BBC, Josh quickly made friends and embraced all activities BBC had to offer. “Coming to BBC definitely helped me reach my full sporting potential and helped me excel in the classroom”. Josh now works with other Indigenous youth through Anglicare and at BBC, ensuring more Indigenous boys feel at home even though they are away from their communities. His younger brother, Jack, is now following in his footsteps and their proud mother

tries to attend as many of Jack’s big games as she can, camera at the ready and full of pride for all her sons have achieved. Only through the support of a bursary was an education at BBC made possible. Josh, Jack and their family know that without donor support, educational opportunities may have been very different. Josh wants donors to know how much of an impact the bursary has had on his life, and how they have changed his life for the better. Donors like David and Karen Madden, think education is one of the most transformative gifts they can give to another person.

I think education is one of the most transformative things you can give to a person

David Madden
(Past parent & Donor)
David & Karen Madden - Indigenous Bursary Donors
Josh & Jack Bowyer - Indigenous Bursary Students

What does the Indigenous Program encompass at BBC?

For more than 10 years, BBC's Indigenous Program has worked to close the gap by providing pathways for young Indigenous Australians to access a quality education. We provide a strong focus on social and character development. Through our program and our day-to-day practices we aim to create lifelong sustainable change for Indigenous students and their communities. Read More

What difference does the BBC Indigenous Program make?

Your support goes directly to bursaries and tutelage for Indigenous students at BBC. Learn more about one of the first recipients of BBC’s Indigenous Program, Kempo. Read More

How can I make a gift to the Indigenous Fund?

Anyone can donate to the BBC Indigenous Program at any time. Your gift of education is tax deductible* and can be made online, by direct deposit or by cheque. Contact the Development Office Here at BBC for further information.

How can I apply for an Indigenous Bursary?

The application process is easy and remains confidential*. To apply please contact James Lennon, BBC Cultural Program Coordinator.

(1) Australian Human Rights Commission Rural and Remote Education Inquiry Briefing Paper (2001:2017)

*All Bursary applications, acceptance and offers remain confidential at BBC. Our bursary recipients and families represented in our Annual Appeal have graciously allowed us to tell their stories to promote the benefits of giving the gift of education.

*The BBC Foundation Ltd is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and donations greater than $2 may be tax deductible for anyone subject to Australian Taxation Law.