Thanks for your support in 2017.

Exploring last years campaign

The Bush Kids Bursary

This time last year, BBC was busily producing a video about one of the wonderful initiatives it offers to students – the Bush Kids Bursary. The video offered an insight into our association with BBC, our home life on Cracow Station and our son Edward’s thoughts on life as a BBC boarder.

The response to our story was overwhelmingly positive and a reminder of the intrinsic value families place on a child’s formative school years. We share those sentiments and feel very strongly that our children’s schooling years constitute the foundational building blocks for adulthood. Not simply from an educational perspective but also for their personal development – skills and qualities that will help nurture their self-confidence, self-awareness, inspirations, aspirations, work ethic, resilience and understanding and kindness towards others. The BBC Bush Kids Bursary enabled Edward to begin at BBC as a year 7 boarder in 2016.

Over the past two and a half years he has immersed himself in the activities, culture and spirit of the College and made firm friends within the boarding and day communities - as have we. BBC has undoubtedly become Edward’s `home away from home’ and as parents, it is reassuring to see a broad smile on his face each time he walks into the College grounds to begin another term. This has been made possible by the extraordinary generosity of the BBC Foundation and College families who contribute to the BBC Bush Kids Bursary. To say that we are grateful for all the opportunities that the Bursary has afforded Edward understates our appreciation.

To see our `bush kid’ equally at home on the rugby field, in a rowing regatta or performing in front of his peers as he is on a horse mustering cattle, checking troughs or fixing fences is something we will be eternally thankful for.

At the same time, we hope that the presence of bush kids like Edward at BBC helps contribute to the fabric, vibrancy and identity of the College. Often, strength lies in diversity rather than similarity. BBC provides an important conduit for Edward to embrace that diversity through classroom interactions, teamwork on the sporting field, boarding house living and encouraging friendships with day boys and their families. Likewise, we have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to open our home to BBC boys over the years, hosting friends of Edward’s as well as year 11 and 12 boys keen to experience work and life on a cattle property.

Thank you for helping enable us to be part of the BBC community – it’s an association that we, and Edward, are very proud of.

Richard & Sarah Cox
(BBC Parents)